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NCAA Football 2018 Week 7
Competitor: UCF vs Memphis
Date : 13th October, 2018


UCF marked a program milestone on Sun with their first ever regular season appearance in the top 10 with a No 9 ranking in the USA To Amway Coaches Poll and a No 10 designation in the AP Top 25

That makes no difference to Josh Heupel, who is always focused on his team going 1 0 each week That challenge is a lot more difficult this week as the Knights will head to Memphis to take on a team still bitter about their two losses to UCF a season
Here’s what Heupel had to say during his weekly press conference on Mon
On further evaluation of the SMU win “I said it after the game, a lot of really positive things I thought defensively, again up front, that’s where it all starts for us, we played on the other side line of scrimmage Created a lot of havoc in the backfield Tackled well in space Thought we had really good tight coverage for most of the night

“Pleased with what we did special teams wise Really good Couple returns that we got to be a little bit better on our coverage, but I think we’ve improved there Some of that’s getting some of our personnel back Aaron Robinson ing back is going to help there as well and on the defensive side of the ball ”

On Titus Davis “He’s done a really good job of just buying into the culture and the things we’ve asked him to do Some of the changes in our program from a year He’s got a big voice within our program inside the locker room and I’ve been seeing that since one He’s led in a really good way He’s been really purposeful in the way that he’s tried to work and improve himself physically Has changed his body He’s gotten a lot stronger He’s just continuing to grow outside of the game as well just as a plete individual and academically in every area of life So pleased with what he’s doing ”

On UCF leading the nation in third down conversions “To be honest, it all starts on first and second down We have very few negative plays That allows you to be in mostly manageable situations When you have a really good quarterback that helps you convert on third down because he’s going to make smart decisions with the football His ability to run has helped as well But again, I think it starts with up front, being a manageable situations, being productive running the football on first and second downs and being in short yardage situations ”

On expectations on first and second downs “Some of that depends on the play call too Our goal is to not get to third down and pick up a first down on first or second But when you are third down, being efficient and being effective and we’ve done a pretty good job on that ”

On UCF being ranked in the top 10 “At the end of the , I really do think everything will take care of itself You gotta go out and prove yourself every single week This conference, there’s three unbeaten teams within this league We’ve got both of them on our schedule You better take it one week at a time You look at the tape against Memphis They’re athletic, physical up front They’re a really good football team Teams in this league are really well coached You better show up and continue to improve every single week And that’s our focus Everything at the end of the season will take care of itself if you take care of business that week ”

On whether he’s worried that they haven’t been on the road since the first week of the season
“I think our kids will be excited about it We like playing at home too, don’t get me wrong, but I always liked it as a petitor being on the road You’re going against 11 guys on the field, but there’s an environment you’re peting against too I think that brings out the best in you ”
On whether Memphis is a rival
“The two games last year were two big football games Certainly the conference championship game Great environment, great game Came down to one play at the end of it They’re well coached They’ve got great players I’m sure they’re looking forward to it Our players are as well It’s an opportunity for us to go back on the road Great rivalry games are fun because you get the best from the other side You better brings yours too ”
On being on the national ABC TV game
“It’s an opportunity for us to continue to create and enlarge our brand, our logo I think we are recognized coast to coast with success last year and beginning of this season It’s an opportunity for recruits to get a chance to watch us again and continue just to show people what UCF Football is all about ”

On the Memphis offense

“He’s leading the nation, leading the conference Explosive Has the ability to take it the distance They do a really good job up front They’re physical They have a lot of experience up front too Then you’ve got the playmakers out wide as well That balance the quarterback has played very efficient football Has played smart and does a good job distributing the ball It’s tough to load the box because they’re creating one on ones on the outside which they can win You have to have a balance ”

On routine changes going on the road

“Nah There’s not a lot different The only thing is on Fri of a home game there’s a little more dead time in the middle of the when the players e back for meetings before we go to the hotel Road games we’ll have those meetings a little bit earlier before we fly out ”

On UCF’s improving run defense vs Memphis

“We’ve continued to improve really every single week in that area Comes from being assignment sound, being in our gaps It es from guys tackling good when they’re in space It es from running to the football and getting more guys to the pile We’ve continued to improve on that side of the ball because I think they have a better understanding of the expectations They practice better every week and they certainly understand what we’re trying to do within our scheme, so we need to continue that This is our biggest test of the season in the run game We got to show up and play football ”

On the defensive front getting pressure

“Critical we play on the other side of the line of scrimmage You make inside runs bounce We want to make the ball go east and west and allow defenders to get there You want to play on the other side line of scrimmage and get after the quarterback Some that es because you’re good on first and second down too and now you have the ability to pin your ears back on third and long and try to go play aggressive That also lends itself to creating turnovers I know we didn’t have any on Satur on the defensive side of the ball, but that’s something we’ve done a lot of in the first four weeks ”

On McKenzie

“He’s good, man He’s excited and ready This is a big one for him too He’s engaged in the meetings and he’ll be ready to play ”

On the status of OL Sam Jackson returning from his knee injury

“Medically, he’s gotten to the point where he’s cleared We want to make sure we put him in the best position that when he ends up playing that he’s physically 100 percent ready to play Even though you’re cleared, I think there’s still progression Certainly as a big guy, he got a bunch of one on one pass reps last week He’s going to continue to work through individuals and do a little bit of team stuff We’ll continue to progress him ”

On option teams having success against Memphis

“You watch that, but there’s things Tulane does outside of the option game There’s some things you pull from some of those games You look at the entire body and try to pull what’s going to fit your personnel ”

On Memphis coach Mike Norvell

“I’ve got to know him a little bit at some different coaching events ”

On Aaron Robinson returning to action

“I just went over to his locker He had a big smile on his face I think he’s just really excited to have the opportunity to play When it gets taken away, and I said this in the postgame conference, you don’t take those things for granted anymore You appreciate every rep, every play, every Walking on the practice field to , he had a big smile on his face He’s going to continue to grow in what we’re asking him to do ”

On their intent on kickoffs, whether they want touchbacks or trying to pin balls in the corner

“We’re going to place the ball, but he has the ability to kick it out if we want him to do that Some of our lane assignments can be a little bit better We’ve really improved on that ”

On home atmosphere

“I love that our fans are so engaged in the game They were truly into the game, student body and fans I think when we’re on defense, they make it a hostile environment for the offense Make it tough to municate That forces guys to use timeouts, delay of game penalties False starts That changes the way that third down play is played “

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